This cookie policy describes how cookies are used on this website. The personal data controller is the subject to which this website refers, identified on the home page of the website itself. The complete privacy disclosure is available from this link

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information that the website saves on your browsing device when you visit a page. Cookies transmit information between the website and your device and between your device and the other websites, as established in the respective privacy disclosure.

When installed by the website that you are visiting, they are called “first party cookies”. "Third party cookies", instead, are saved by a different website than the one you are visiting. This is because the website may contain elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to websites of other domains etc.) which reside on other servers than the one you are visiting.

You can choose to disable all cookies by changing your browser settings. However, some of our services may not work correctly and you will not be able to access may functions if you disable cookies. See the end section of this cookie policy for more information on how to manage and disable browser cookie.

A brief description of the main types of cookies used is shown below. Please read this detailed description for useful information on cookies and their use and to learn how to change your browser settings with regards to the use of cookies.

Session and permanent cookies

Firstly, it is important to note that the duration of the installed cookies may be limited to the browsing session or extend for a longer time also after you have left the site you are visiting.

We prefer the use of sessions cookies (which are not stored in persistent manner on your computer and which vanish when the browser is shut down). They are used to transmit session identification data (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) needed to allow safe and efficient browsing of the website.

The session cookies used on this website avoid the need to resort to other computer techniques which are potentially detrimental to the users’ browsing confidentiality and do not allow the acquisition of personal identification data of the user.

Cookie type and functions

1. Technical cookies

These cookies are fundamental to be able to browse the website and use some functions. Without the essential cookies, the online services normally offered by the website, if provision is based exclusively on this type of cookies, may not be accessible. This type of cookies allow you to browse the pages of this website efficiently and use the various options and services which are offered. For example, they are used to identify a session, access reserved areas, remember elements of a previously formulated request, complete a purchase order or store an estimate.

Providing your consent to technical cookies is not necessary because they are fundamental to ensure the required services. You can block or remove technical cookies by changing the configuration of your browser options. However, by using these operations, you may not be able to access some areas of the website or use some of the services offered.

2. Analytical cookies

We and the service providers operating on our behalf use performance cookies. The information collected by means of performance cookies is used exclusively either by us or in our interest.

Performance cookies gather information on how users interact with the website and its functions. For example, our performance cookies gather information on the website pages that you visit more often and if you receive error messages. The gathered information may be used to personalise your online experience by displaying specific content. Our performance cookies do not gather personal information.

The website uses Google Analytics (third party cookies), which is a tool designed to help website owners understand how visitors interact with contents. Our website anonymises the gathered information by aggregating the results using the tools and indications made available by Google. This technique, which complies with personal data protection requirements, means that Google cookies are equivalent to technical cookies. Consequently, your consent is not needed for this type of cookie.

We reserve the right to publish a table, which is periodically updated, to show the cookie types we use and for which your consent is needed.

Enabling/disabling cookies by means of your browser

Cookies and other tracking technologies can be managed in various ways. By changing the settings of your browser, you can accept or reject the cookies or choose to receive a warning message before accepting a cookie from the website you visit. Please remember than by completely disabling the cookies on your browser you may not be able to use all our interactive functions.

If you use more than one computer on different workstations, make sure that each browser is set so as to satisfy your preferences.

You can erase all the cookies installed in the cookie folder of your browser. Each browser has different procedures for managing settings. Click on one of the connections below for specific instructions.

Activating and deactivating cookies by means of third party services

In addition to using the tools provided by your browser to activate or deactivate the single cookies, we inform you that the website at contains a list (which is constantly updated) of the main providers which work with website managers to gather and use information useful for behavioural advertising.

Considering that third party proliferation cookies may be installed over time, you can easily check them and choose whether to accept them or not by going to

You can deactivate or activate all the companies or alternatively adjust your preferences individually for each company. In particular, you can use the tool on the page to facilitate this operation and easily check your behaviour advertising preferences.

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