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CarBox by Leasys is born, the first on-demand car subscription in Italy

Driven by the growth of the subscription economy, the mobility landscape is experiencing a rapid and continuous evolution. After the launch of CarCloud, the first car subscription in Italy, Leasys, a Stellantis brand and an FCA Bank subsidiary, introduces CarBox, the first on-demand subscription service designed for non-continuous use of the vehicle, to be rented only as needed. Thanks to CarBox it is in fact possible to have always a "ready to go" car available, to be booked when needed, paying a fixed monthly subscription fee.

News 29.03.2021
New Mobility

Connection: FCA Bank and Leasys's new state-of-the-art CRM platform

Creating a direct and transparent relationship with customers, which meets their needs and makes them feel at the center of the company’s interests, is among the main missions of FCA Bank. For this reason Connection was recently launched: the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, based on Salesforce technology, designed to improve the final customer experience, integrating the core processes of the bank into a single connected world.

News 24.03.2021

Leasys CarCloud grows: 10 packages available and 15,000 subscribers 18 months after launch

CarCloud, the first subscription car rental service in Italy, created by Leasys, a Stellantis brand and an FCA Bank subsidiary, continues to grow. After 18 months since its launch, the service boasts 15,000 subscribers and a range of 10 different subscription options. An important result, determined by the flexibility of the monthly subscription, manageable completely online, combined with the wide variety of vehicles and packages available, which have made it a formula in great demand by private individuals and self-employed professionals even in the months of the pandemic emergency.

News 22.03.2021
New Mobility

Rent On: the platform that enhances the long-term rental experience

FCA Bank has developed innovative projects in recent years to improve business performance of its subsidiaries across Europe, in particular through the creation of management platforms, strategic assets that enable the Company to provide state-of-the-art and fast service.
The platforms were created by FCA Bank and are used daily by all the actors involved in the management of our customers, both individuals and companies or government authorities.

News 18.03.2021
New Mobility

Leasys’s Electric Experience with a New 500 for a weekend or a week

The future of Fiat's urban mobility, the New 500, is enriched by two new rental solutions designed to propel electric driving, without the hassles and risks of car purchasing and ownership. This is why Leasys, a Stellantis brand and a subsidiary of FCA Bank, has launched the Electric Experience, a promotion that will last until the end of March, to enable customers to experience the iconic zero-emission city car for a weekend (renting it for €29.99 per day) or for a week (for €179.00).

News 15.03.2021
New Mobility

LeasysGO!, the first car sharing dedicated to the New 500, is coming to Milan

Sustainable mobility takes centre stage once again in Milan, where the Municipality and Leasys, a Stellantis brand and a subsidiary of FCA Bank, announce the arrival of LeasysGO!, the innovative car sharing service that will allow customers to rent an electric New 500. The launch, expected within the next few weeks, will occur exactly one year after the presentation event in Milan of FIAT’s electric city car.

News 12.03.2021
New Mobility

Open Innovation: Stip and Virtual B won Digital Factory call for proposal launched by FCA Bank and I3P

With its AI solution that improves customer service performance, reducing costs and complaint handling time, the start-ups Stip, and Virtual B, with its system to analyse and understand the real financial needs of customers and to identify customized solutions, won the first edition of Digital Factory, the initiative promoted byFCA Bank in collaboration with I3P, the Incubator of Innovative Enterprises of the Polytechnic of Turin.

News 05.03.2021

FCA Bank and Leasys launch the Green Deals

After a 2020 in the name of sustainability, FCA Bank and Leasys dedicate an entire commercial campaign to green products and services. Starting from today, Green Deals is a month of special offers dedicated to green mobility and totally digital financial and banking products. The offers will be active until the end of February and are designed to make the services offered by the Group and its mobility company Leasys even more accessible and convenient.

News 10.02.2021

Leasys confirmed leader in Italy in long term rental

With 45,584 cars registered in 2020 and a 21.5% market share, Leasys, a Stellantis brand and FCA Bank’s subsidiary specialized in 360-degree mobility solutions in Europe, was once again leader in the long term rental sector in Italy. In fact, for the second consecutive year, Leasys ranked first in the league table of long term rental companies prepared by Dataforce, on the basis of data provided by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportation.

News 22.01.2021

FCA Bank and Leasys launch the Digital Days

FCA Bank and Leasys launch 100% online unmissable offers from 8 to 31 January.
The Digital Days commercial promotion is launched in 10 European countries simultaneously for the second time in a row, with different offers for each market.
Digital offers range from mobility to financial and banking products: from personal loans to GOeasy financing, to CarCloud, to Leasys Miles, to Clickar.
Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Poland and Belgium will have the offers active until the end of January.

News 08.01.2021

A single and global portal for FCA bank’s customers

All you need is one click away, throughout Europe.
A single area for all of FCA Bank’s European customers, a simple and intuitive hub where you can keep track of your activities. The new pan-European Customer Portal has been developed to strengthen the interaction between FCA Bank and its customers, thanks to a single access point for all the information on one’s financing contract, such as insurance policies, invoices, instalment plans. Through the portal, customers can also initiate payment requests, update personal data and change their consent to the processing of such data.

News 21.11.2019

FCA Bank named “Captive Finance Company of the Year” at Motor Finance Europe Awards 2019

FCA Bank was recognized as “Captive Finance Company of the Year” at the 5th edition of the Motor Finance Awards.
This important international event, promoted by industry news service Motor Finance, published by Leasing Life and devoted to Car Finance, gathers the best players engaged in car finance in Europe, acknowledging the main initiatives launched in the last few months in the sector.

News 31.05.2019

FCA Bank’s commitment to its customers

When we talk about customer advocacy we cannot fail to mention Transparency. “Transparency” is not just a set of rules to be complied with but a way to protect the company and its shareholders by reducing the sanctions and reputational risks, on one side, and to protect customers’ interests through a conduct inspired by principles of openness and fairness, establishing a relationship based on trust and mutual benefit.

News 15.05.2019