4 PRO LEASING named “Best product for small and medium companies” in Poland

FCA Bank continues to work hard to devise highly innovative mobility solutions for its Fiat Professional customers, an endeavour that is proving very successful in Poland.

4 PRO Leasing di FCA Bank Polska has been named “Best product for medium and small companies” by the financial magazine "Gazeta Finansowa".

"Gazeta Finansowa", in its “Turbiny Polskiej Gospodarki 2019" insert, ranked this product for Fiat Professional customers first in the league table of dynamic services for small and medium companies that offer the best solutions for the sector.

Thanks to 4 PRO Leasing, customers will be able to benefit from an innovative and flexible solution, with the added value of ancillary insurance services. Main benefits include:

With 4 PRO Leasing, current Fiat Professional customers can also obtain insurance coverage at a discounted price in connection with the purchase of a new car with FCA Bank Leasing.


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