A new logo for FCA Bank insurance services

We have created the new FCA Insurance Services logo to distinguish our insurance services on the European markets, where FCA Bank is present.

The new FCA Insurance Services logo for FCA Bank’s world of insurance is designed to identify the business, which enables FCA Bank to collect insurance premiums worth EUR 500 million and issue approximately 900,000 policies in the last year.

Our coordination of 30 insurance partners and management of regular international tenders to constantly check the competitiveness of our services throughout the area has allowed us to roll out the new logo across all the European markets, in which FCA Bank is the official provider of FCA accessory insurance services for the Retail world.

FCA Insurance Services identifies with our accessory service policy types, which aim to cover everything needed to protect the customer and his car:

CPI (Credit Protection Policy): it protects the car loan when specific unpredictable events occur, affecting the insured person’s life (Death, total permanent Invalidity following an accident, Employment loss, Temporary Disability due to Accident, Hospitalisation) and covers a preset number of monthly instalments and/or the residual debt of the principal amount of the loan signed with FCA Bank.

GAP: it protects the full vehicle purchase value in the event of total damage (theft, destruction or irreparable damage).

Estensione di Garanzia (e.g.: MAXIMUM CARE is the most complete Mopar® Vehicle Protection programme): it guarantees complete cover for the mechanical and electrical components of your car, with various options of duration and mileage available according to your needs and driving habits) and a Service of programmed maintenance.

Motor Insurance: Fire/Theft Policy, Kasko Policy and Collision Policy for cars.


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