A single and global portal for FCA Bank’s customers

All you need is one click away, throughout Europe.

A single area for all of FCA Bank’s European customers, a simple and intuitive hub where you can keep track of your activities. The new pan-European Customer Portal has been developed to strengthen the interaction between FCA Bank and its customers, thanks to a single access point for all the information on one’s financing contract, such as insurance policies, invoices, instalment plans. Through the portal, customers can also initiate payment requests, update personal data and change their consent to the processing of such data.

A global project, a symbol of growing attention to the customer, conveyed digitally in a context where customization and ease of use are key to the design of a customer journey map.

Encouraging the use of the web portal reduces the activity of Customer Service and, consequently, company costs. A leading edge project involving all the brands of the FCA Bank group and supporting all the currencies of the markets in which we operate, the Customer Portal has gone live in Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, The Netherlands and Belgium, and expects to follow suit in all the other markets in the near future. The application to monitor one’s situation at any time is already available in Italy and will be released in all the other markets in 2020.
The portal will be expanded over time, with the addition of digital services, e-mail notifications and chatbot, for a platform driven by innovation.


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