A special Christmas with Leasys: new CarClouds for Alfa Romeo and Panda and Rent&Gift offers

FCA Bank and its Leasys subsidiary introduce their Christmas offers, the result of an innovative approach in the quest for new mobility solutions.

From Leasys CarCloud - the first car subscription in Italy, created in light of the growing popularity of the subscription economy, which evolves with new combinations available to customers – to the Leasys Christmas Rent&Gift offers, for customers who want to give themselves and friends and family a mobility gift for Christmas.

The new Christmas CarCloud With over 2,000 subscriptions activated since the launch at the end of October, Leasys CarCloud is a highly innovative mobility offer that has disrupted the way people drive.
CarCloud is a sustainable, low-environmental-impact model which allows free and highly flexible mobility, without the burden of car ownership, also thanks to a monthly duration that can be extended without any time limit.
Starting 6 December 2019, CarCloud will offer 4 new packages for private individuals and self-employed professionals, broadening the solutions offered.

The first new package is Leasys CarCloud Alfa Romeo, which makes available in the Alfa Romeo Cloud Giulia and Stelvio, for all the lovers of comfort and sports driving.
Then, there is Leasys CarCloud City with Fiat 500, Panda and Panda Cross, which is designed for those who wish to drive in the city in style, quickly and flexibly.
Leasys CarCloud 500 changed to Leasys CarCloud Metropolis (with Fiat 500X, 500L, Cross and Wagon) while Leasys Renegade & Compass become All-Season, ready for the first snowfall of the season.

LeasysCarCloud is easy to manage, totally digitalized and with zero bureaucracy. The service can be accessed by registering with Amazon for a one-time cost of €199 for CarCloud City and CarCloud Metropolis and €249 for CarCloud Renegade & Compass All-Season e CarCloud Alfa Romeo. Enter the registration code on carcloud.leasys.com and then select from the 4 Clouds available (and interchangeable also on a monthly basis), which allow subscribers to drive as many as 11 different car models without limitation.
Monthly rates are highly affordable, starting from €199/month for Leasys CarCloud City, €299/month for CarCloud Metropolis, €379/month for Renegade & Compass All-Season and €579/month for Alfa Romeo Giulia e Stelvio.
The monthly subscription includes all the operating costs of the vehicle (road tax, kasko insurance with deductibles, warranty, maintenance etc.), unlimited changes, daily as well, on a 48-hour notice, in all Leasys Mobility Stores in Italy, 1,500 kilometres per month, cumulative for the year, and the possibility to leave the program every month without penalties. Registration with Amazon guarantees the stability of the monthly subscription rate for 12 months.
Leasys CarCloud subscribers can pick up the selected vehicle at the nearest Leasys Mobility Store (150 participating locations in Italy) or have the selected vehicle delivered to them at home as an additional service.
A subscription allows also the purchase of other services, such as kasko insurance without deductibles, a second driver and additional kilometres.
In addition, subscribers can change the selected Cloud and switch, for example, from Jeep to Alfa Romeo or vice versa for a one-time cost of €99, without any additional registration costs.
For existing subscribers who wish to use the new Clouds, Leasys allows switching to one of the 4 packages at no cost until 31 December 2019.
Leasys Christmas Rent&Gift
Leasys has also two new programs for the Christmas season that allow customers to give themselves and their family and friends a mobility package as a gift.
With Rent&Gift, you will be able to buy on Amazon, until 10 January 2020, two weekly or weekend rental solutions, receiving a coupon for future rentals with Leasys.
With the weekly-rental Rent&Gift package customers can rent a Jeep Renegade or a Fiat 500X for 7 days for €189, with the possibility of an automatic extension at €25 a day.
With the weekend-rental Rent&Gift package, Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X will be available for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for €79. Both offers include unlimited kilometrage, kasko insurance and airport taxes.
Moreover, with weekly or weekend Leasys Christmas Rent&Gift, customers can receive a €20 or €10 coupon by e-mail in connection with the reservation on leasysrent.it, good until 30 June 2020 for the purchase of a new Leasys rental, without time limits.


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