Dealer Satisfaction: FCA Bank and the approach with the Dealer Network

An analysis of dealer satisfaction - or dissatisfaction - has become strikingly important during the last few years: the relationship between the dealer and his car manufacturer has decisive influence on the dealer’s commitment to the brand as well as on the dealer’s business success.

The captive’s role - car maker’s financial company - has also become indispensable in this analysis.

FCA Bank manages the relation with Dealers by providing useful financial instruments to support the sale of vehicles of the brands of reference.

Having this in mind, with improvement objectives, FCA Bank conducts an annual survey of Dealers Satisfaction across the entire network of Dealers, with reference to the Retail and Dealer Financing, to monitor the quality of service and ensure the standard offered.

Through this survey, Dealers have the chance to give their opinion about FCA Bank, both overall and for each single step of the process. The same list of items is evaluated for the main competitor. This permits to analyse FCA Bank brand image at the dealership and plan any corrective activities to enhance it. Some suggestion on new products are collected too, so that becomes a good chance for exchange.
During 2017, about 600 FCA Dealers were surveyed by web. The latest results confirm a positive trend in the main countries, especially for two important items, competence and commercial skills of FCA Bank field representatives, valued above 4 on a scale from 1 to 5 points (where the positive threshold stands at 3,7)*. Generally, the latest results confirm a positive trend as regards the perception of the FCA Bank service by Dealers and reflect appreciation for FCA Bank’s efforts to consistently focus on meeting not just customers’ expectations, but also Dealers’ ones.
dealer satisfaction

* source: 2017 Dealer Satisfaction Survey FCA Bank


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