Digital Onboarding:
over 70% of all contracts in Spain signed digitally

Sevilla, April 16, 2018: In the heart of Spain, the signing of the first digital contract marked a major step forward in FCA Bank’s digitalization processes, bringing to life the Digital Onboarding project which, starting from 2016, aims to build an integrated platform system and leading-edge services, in keeping with a broader digital transformation vision.

Digitalization is beneficial to all, with customers taking centre stage in the customer journey and becoming increasingly involved in the services offered while the Bank, for its part, will improve its operational efficiency, achieve substantial savings and make a significant contribution to environmental protection in the process, as the dematerialization of 700,000 new contracts in Europe will save enough paper to cover Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City 72 times over.

Our customers will be able to sign a digital contract in few simple steps, as all is required of the dealer is to select the digital signature option, obtain the customer’s documents and fill the form with the necessary information. After the digital signature, through a one-time password or a signature pad, the electronic documentation is sent to the customer by e-mail.

To date, over 70% of all financing contracts in Spain have been signed digitally, reflecting a great success for FCA Capital Spain after only a few months since launch.

The project – which has been launched in five very important countries for FCA Bank, that is Austria, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain – will soon be implemented also in Belgium, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.


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