Digital Onboarding:
the beginning of a new era for
FCA Bank

The digital transformation is here, and companies are feeling it: they are aware of the epochal change they are experiencing and that the only way to keep up with the competition is to provide customized solutions in real time.

Invest in time-to-market, improving the customer experience, is fundamental in the digital transformation.

The digitalization determines the transition from a “closed” organization, oriented towards internal efficiency, to the concept of an organization “open” to its market and therefore able to create competitive advantages through integration and collaboration with all dealers, end customers and car makers.

FCA Bank has decided to grasp new business opportunities through the complete digitalization of the sale process.
This project is organized into five interconnected streams:
- Document dematerialization: transition from paper to digital.
- Electronic signature: possibility of electronically signing the documents.
- Simplified documentation acquisition: software that allows the dealer to acquire personal and business documents both via mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet) and via scanner.
- Recognition and automatic compilation of system characters: software that reads documents acquired (data capture) and automatically fills them up.
- Archiving: access guarantee to prospect/client/dealer documentation via a repository available in multi-channel mode for FCA Bank, dealer and client.

The new process of "Digital Onboarding" will be completed in a few "clicks".
Recently FCA Bank has launched this project in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Austria. In Germany FCA Bank is one of the first captive to use the digital signature. During 2018, the new digital signature will be available in the main countries in which FCA Bank operates.
The aim is clear: increasing its own services value, offering a lot of advantages to end customers, dealers and FCA Bank itself, proving to be up to date with the digital revolution which is striding forward.


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