Ever close to our customers with the customer portal "My FCA Bank"

Today mobile devices such as smartphones have become essential tools in everyday life. Apps allow access to a wide range of services with just a few clicks and it has become paramount for consumers to be able to carry out different types of operations from their mobile phones and keep their data and information under control, also with regard to the Bank.

FCA Bank, a pioneer in the digitalization of banking services, has therefore launched My FCA Bank, the space where customers can find in a single portal all the information on their contracts and loans with the Bank.

My FCA Bank is an easy to use and intuitive customer portal. Customers can find in a single area all the contracts on the car loans, leases and banking products signed with FCA Bank, managing them confortably and quickly. Moreover, thanks to a full responsive design, the portal is intuitive and convenient to use from any connecting device and is integrated with all the most modern capabilities such as finger prints, face ID and push notifications. Both the portal and the App were created by FCA Bank's ICT team with modern graphics and to ensure a smooth customer experience, as well as with robust user authentication that provides two-factor authentication by email and SMS OTP. Together with an effective user experience, the security of customer data is among the fundamental pillars on which the customer portal was designed.

There are a great deal of self-service tools that enable customers to operate on the portal with a good degree of autonomy, from the management of car loans and monthly payments, to viewing the payment schedule, asking for the early termination of a contract, managing credit cards and “conto deposito” in the markets where these services are available. In addition, customers can change their privacy consent, personal data and contact details - such as email address and telephone number - at any time, and payment methods. Lastly, customers will also be able to download from the portal documents and templates made available by FCA Bank.

During 2021, the customer portal will feature the latest version of the Finance Calculator, making it possible to access the dedicated area where the new estimates will be saved for easy consultation.

What makes My FCA Bank unique is the customization and exclusivity devoted to each individual user, as customers receive information tailored to their needs. The team that created the App did not forget customer care. In fact, through an inbox section customers can monitor their requests and ask for support from a dedicated team, while also maintaining records of all conversations.

The platform has been available to customers since June 2019, starting in France and eventually launched in 11 markets, for the portals of FCA Bank, FCA Capital and Jaguar Land Rover as well as on the App downloadable from Apple, Android and Huawei stores.

My FCA Bank is the revolutionary customer portal that makes a wide range of operations accessible in just a few clicks for customers anytime, anywhere. The platform is further testimony to FCA Bank's role as a fully digital bank that stays close to its customers.