FCA Bank and the Employer Branding

In recent years, the impact that the most recent technological developments in the digital field will have on the Human Resources world, has become evident.

In recent years, the impact that the most recent technological developments in the digital field will have on the Human Resources world, has become evident.

More frequently associated with the business, these trends impose to HR different ideas and approaches, in particular on talent attraction processes. In short, they require a strong turn towards the development of data analytics skills and a more marketing-oriented approach.
Employer Branding is a perfect example of this. It combines skills in recruiting and communication, both internal and external, exploiting marketing technicality and necessarily requires a strategy, sharing with those who deal with marketing.
The need to attract talent by exploiting digital channels, reducing time-to-hire, generating consensus on the quality of experiences that the employer can offer both to graduates and professionals, leads to an evolution of the recruitment concept itself, pushing companies to a more proactive approach and comparison, through a culture of feedback and ratings of customers - or candidates – in an ever increasing manner.

In this scenario, FCA Bank has chosen and developed digital recruitment processes, for a few years now, through the careers pages of the official websites, generating a greater and effective coverage of the vacancy.

The Monster platform, the chosen ATS (Applicant Tracking System) technology solution, allows real-time cross-posting with the most popular job boards in Europe and, internally, the sharing of résumés among the different HR managers who are searching for the ideal candidate. Search and recruitment timing for all targets, up to the most experienced middle management profiles, have been significantly reduced; candidates apply for FCA Bank positions because they are interested in the company, resulting also in a significant cost reduction due to digital recruiting. Moreover, the system allows statistical and performance analyses that quickly return useful indicators for more effective targeting of recruiting actions.
On the external communication front, in terms of Employer, FCA Bank, on the LinkedIn page, talks about different types of business that manages success stories, international recognition by experts in the field, but also professional and career paths of employees of different ages, nationalities and professional background. The continuous increase of the followers indicates that the direction is the right one.
FCA Bank is an up to date company, which is following the digital evolution and diversifying its business. Although dedicated in particular to the FCA brands, it has established partnerships with other brands in the automotive sector and continues to develop innovative banking products, arousing the interest of experts in the field and professionals who are looking for challenging job opportunities.
Communicating these values provides useful elements for delineating the DNA of those who could fully become part of the team. Enthusiasm and tenacity, the ability to contribute with innovative ideas that translate into actions, improvement of customer service, ambition to maintain the positioning of the brand among the best performers, are some of the essential requirements that the ideal candidate must have. For those who show this kind of mindset, FCA Bank offers courses and on-the-job learning experiences that become the foundation for the development of their managerial skills through planned job rotation, including an international path, and growth in core professional competences. This is the ideal path to breed the managers of tomorrow and increase the passion for the Brand.
With the same passion, FCA Bank transmits the pride of belonging when meeting with students and recent graduates and more generally with those who start to approach themselves the world of work, finding in FCA Bank a solid reality in which to grow professionally.
The partnership between HR and Business in these initiatives is absolutely effective.
In universities or during Career Days, managers have the ability to describe complex and technical processes in a simple way, making the business understandable even to a target audience with no significant work experience.
FCA Bank is planning various activities aimed at reaching a wider audience in the recruiting field. We believe that the best form of Employer Branding is to communicate exactly what we are about: a well-established and performing business reality, with great ambitions and growth opportunities to offer to those who want to get involved in a challenging environment.


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