FCA Bank continues its transition to digital services

In this highly peculiar moment in history, people’s habits have changed radically in a flash. Our apartments have become our “small cities” and the internet enables us to go out, at least virtually.

Digital tools, already very important in this hyper-connected world, take on a fundamental role in ensuring the full satisfaction of one’s needs directly online and in a simple way.

In its digital innovation journey, FCA Bank today adds a new functionality to its services which allows customers to evaluate online the financing best suited to one’s requirements.

Online credit pre-assessment is no longer the missing piece of digital financial services and solutions.

The project, which began in 2019 with Jaguar Land Rover, a car manufacturing partner of FCA Bank, led customers interested in purchasing a group vehicle to receive an immediate answer on the possible outcome of their application for financing. In 2020, we are ready to provide this service also to customers that want to purchase a vehicle of the FCA Group, starting from the German market.

Customers will be given the chance to obtain a credit pre-assessment in real time, once the vehicle has been selected and the desired financing solution chosen through the financial calculator, by entering little but essential personal and financial data. In addition, customers will be able to select the dealer where they can complete the purchase, providing such dealer with the information entered through the portal, so that they may be re-contacted, make an appointment in the showroom or virtually, finalize the credit pre-assessment or, possibly, consider a purchase proposal more in line with their needs.

FCA Bank guarantees an increasingly paperless experience to customers, in lockstep with the day-to-day needs of customer and the car market.


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