FCA Bank credit card: let your passion drive you

A few months after launch, FCA Bank unveils the new credit cards of the FCA brands: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, Fiat Professional, with Jeep coming soon..

FCA Bank launches five new credit cards, one for each FCA brand, in Italy.
Fans of the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, Fiat Professional brands and all present and future customers will be able, starting today, to have a Visa credit card of their favourite brand for a totally digital management of their purchases and with numerous benefits, which can all be managed through FCA Bank’s apps.

Customers can access all their privileges through the FCA Bank Club, the free loyalty program that comes with every card, with rewards based on purchases (€1 discount coupon for every €10 in purchases) and an initial €50 welcome discount coupon that can be used to purchase products and services made available by FCA Bank’s prestigious partners already part of the Club.
With the introduction of the new branded cards, FCA Bank Club expands the range of benefits linked to mobility and services to manage different phase of the vehicle’s life.

With a recently purchased car, customers tend to want to buy other objects with the same brand name. That’s why the discount coupons accumulated with the FCA Bank credit card can be used to buy easily and comfortably merchandise sold under their favourite car brand.

If, instead, the time has come to change one’ vehicle, FCA Bank Club makes available to customers, in certain time frames, vouchers to receive discounts on processing fees for applications for new car loans, leases or personal loans with FCA Bank (discounts from €150 to €300).

But the benefits of the card and the FCA Bank Club not only concern only the life of the vehicle but also customers’ day-to-day lives.

For example, moments of leisure, such as a holiday, can be even more pleasant thanks to the favourable pricing of the innovative mobility services available in the Leasys Mobility Stores. In fact, FCA Bank’s credit card holders enjoy a 15% discount on the total prepaid amount of a lease and the reduction by half of the security deposit charged on the credit card.

Lastly, customers will be able to increase the balance of the amount held in their Conto Deposito. In fact, soon FCA Bank Club will make available vouchers that, once they are purchased with discount coupons, will enable customers to obtain attractive yields on their Conto Deposito, of up to 2.50%*.

The look of the credit card is new and the benefits even more numerous, but the flexibility and features that have marked it as an innovative tool for any type of purchase since its launch are the same. First of all the possibility to repay every transaction in keeping with the customer’s needs and spending capabilities. Indeed, thanks to the My Budget function it is easy to choose the best way to pay – in full or in instalments – by adjusting the amount anytime, including repeatedly in a single day until the last day of the month **.

Furthermore, thanks to the My Control service, customers can manage comfortably their payments, by enabling or disabling online purchases, use of the card abroad or cash withdrawals. Applying for an FCA Bank credit card with the livery of your favourite brand, if you do not have one already, is simple and immediate thanks to a 100% digital process: identify yourself online, select the card with the favourite brand, enter your data and sign digitally. The recent launch of the My FCA Bank APP makes constantly accessible all these functionalities and benefits through one’s smartphone, by simply touching the fingerprint reader ***

* Rendement du Conto Deposito Tempo+ (compte de dépôt à terme+) pour la cible Affinity en vigueur jusqu'au 07/01/2020. Le Conto Deposito Tempo+ (compte de dépôt à terme+) est dédié aux personnes qui - entre le 15/06/2016 et le 30/11/2019 inclus - signent un contrat de financement et/ou de crédit-bail FCA Bank pour l'achat d'un véhicule du groupe FCA ou un contrat bail à long terme avec la société Leasys SpA pour l'utilisation d'un véhicule du groupe FCA. Celui-ci aura le faculté de lier son épargne, avec un montant minimum de 1 000 €.
** ** Grâce à la fonction My Budget, le montant du paiement échelonné peut être modifié plusieurs fois par jour - dans une plage comprise entre 100,00 euros (minimum) et 1900,00 euros (maximum), avec des augmentations ou des réductions par paliers de 50,00 € - jusqu'à 13h00 le dernier jour du mois.
*** Le service est disponible sur les smartphones équipés de Touch ID pour iOS ou Fingerprint pour Android.


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