FCA Bank enters the future of Digital Robotics

FCA Bank introduces an innovative robotic automation solution to implement efficient and secure processes.

Thanks to innovative software, the dedicated Robotic Process Automation team conceived and implemented an application that will increase Company productivity and improve customer experience in FCA Bank’s services.

Virtual robots will perform automated processes for the benefit of all the Company’s areas, making repetitive activities more expeditious and effective. They will support the business around the clock, accelerating processes and reducing related risks, thus freeing human resources from the performance of low-value-added activities.

Human input is fundamental for the design, planning and creation of virtual robots, which will also be managed by FCA Bank’s human resources who, in turn, will be able to enhance and upgrade their skills to serve customers better.

The first robots have been operational since the start of December and are now available to all employees, who are appreciating the positive effects of virtual complementarity.
It is the beginning of an exciting and strategic path, which will involve progressively all the Company’s areas and will bring into being about 50 automated processes.


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