FCA Bank firmly set on the road to robotics

The automation program introduced in September 2018 is successfully continuing to accompany FCA Bank in its path toward innovation. The team dedicated to the Robotic Process Automation, with the active collaboration of several participants in the project, implemented the first 26 processes, thus completing half of the roadmap. In June 2019 a new milestone was added to the program, as Leasys introduced 40 activities to be automated by 2020.

RPA pursues not only the robotization of existing processes but also the introduction of new activities, not carried out previously, as it did with Compliance, which can now perform new and more accurate checks.

The automation of manual and massive tasks reduces alienation in work, making room for the professionalism and creativity of each individual, emphasizing competencies and soft skills, the true engines of a company that aims to become a container of unique minds.

This fascinating and strategic process will not end with the first 50 processes but will remain available to support any new need of the Bank to meet customers’ requirements.
In an increasingly competitive market, FCA Bank will continue beyond the introduction of the RPA, ready to face the new challenges of innovation by experimenting with the benefits and potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


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