FCA Bank for the digitalization of insurance services

FCA Bank’s insurance offering is now available also on a new, fully digital platform, where customers can manage the process directly and online.

Insurance products can be purchased on this platform by the customers of FCA Bank, Leasys and companies of the FCA Group such as Mopar.

The digitalization of insurance services is proving to be a key strategic tool for the future of the entire industry. Ever attentive to innovations and the need of its customers, FCA Bank entered into a cooperation arrangement with Yolo, a leading insurtech operator and a totally digital insurance broker, to offer the Group’s main insurance products through a newly-launched, dedicated online platform.

FCA Bank turned the digitalization trend into one of its strengths and this platform will be another way for customers to access its insurance products, which are currently placed nearly entirely through car dealers.

An ambitious project, which led to the creation of an advanced and flexible portal, designed to manage FCA Bank’s insurance offering entirely online, maintaining an active relationship with the customer, both in the post-sale phase and after the financing has been provided.

This initiative is intended to extend the sale of insurance products not only to FCA Bank’s customers, but also to the customers of its Leasys subsidiary and of the other companies of the FCA Group, such as Mopar, the official service partner for all the brands of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Specifically, Leasys customers who intend to book a car under a short/medium-term rental contract will be able to buy a supplementary PAI policy to insure the driver against any accidents. Mopar will offer its customers the possibility to activate an insurance package free of charge, for a period that varies on the basis of the service selected. For example, in October the company offered 3 months of “Tyre Protection” with the purchase of a complete winter wheel kit from the Dealer. Tomorrow – Thursday 19 November – a new campaign will be launched with a focus on safety, where the replacement of brake pads will activate one-month free Pandemic Insurance, to support the customer financially, in case of hospitalization, convalescence and mandatory quarantine, due to the pandemic. In the next few months, new insurance products will be added to the range of products and services provided by Mopar to its customers.

In addition, starting in December, two additional types of insurance coverage will be available on FCA Bank’s website, which can be activated directly from the Customer Section: the Mi Fido (“I Trust”) policy, to cover the health of pets, and the Care – Indennizzo Pandemia (“Pandemic Insurance”) policy, to support the customer financially, in case of hospitalization, convalescence and mandatory quarantine, due to the pandemic.


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