FCA Bank introduces SMART Insurance

The peace of mind that comes with a car that never gets old.

FCA Bank introduces the new-born to the family of insurance services that can be matched to one’s loan or lease: The first insurance policy that, by making the car constantly look as though it had just been bought, is perfect for the discerning driver.

The SMART (Small Medium Area Repair Technique) policy has been created by FCA Insurance Services, to free the mind from the hassles related to the small damages to the vehicle by keeping it always in perfect condition.

Side swipes, dents, keying, scratches or small damages, which usually involve amounts lower than traditional insurance deductibles, are no longer a problem, as thanks to this new policy we can now protect customers’ peace of mind, so that they do not “lose their smile”, in any situation.

Customers can now maintain the value of their car over time and have a vehicle constantly in tip-top shape at no additional cost, thanks to SMART Insurance which, among others, does not have any deductibles if the damage is repaired in a garage or an auto body shop of FCA’s Mopar network.

This innovative insurance solution, designed by FCA Bank in cooperation with the best insurance providers of Europe, is a clear example of the strategic role of cross-fertilization and the constant sharing of best practices in an international Group such as FCA Bank. In the wake of the success achieved long ago in the UK, the concept of the SMART policy has been adopted by the other markets which, once they became aware of its positive impact, decided to implement it, starting from Italy and then, in 2019, in France and Germany.


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