FCA Bank looks to the future as it nurtures its human capital

The impressive speed of technological change and new consumer habits and needs prompted us to think long and hard on how to continue to stay on top of the game, with an eye trained on the future. To that end, FCA Bank invests in its human capital to foster the birth of innovative and ambitious ideas that would allow it to remain a key player also in the market of tomorrow.

Today FCA Bank operates in 18 markets with 2200 employees and this is why it is important to encourage the interaction of individuals with different backgrounds, skills and aptitudes.
This might seem tiresome and time-consuming but the richness of diversity is paramount when it comes to innovation. The challenge is to bring to bear the incredible talent pool that we have, making room for all ideas without any restriction, cultural or otherwise.

Accordingly, FCA Bank recently launched InnovAction, an incubator of ideas to shape the strategies and identify the business challenges that we will be faced with in the near future.

The project is up and running, with 8 international and cross-functional teams working to develop ambitious plans to meet effectively our customers’ needs, trying to anticipate the requirements emerging in such strategic areas as digital, electrification, new mobility, etc. The evolution of every single project is accompanied by a process designed to promote the managerial growth of every team and of each of its members through 25 sessions managed by external facilitators with a virtual team coaching platform. Mutual trust and the leveraging of cultural differences – which are key elements in working from a distance – are the focus of these activities, which are intended to maximize the input of each within the work groups


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