FCA Bank’s Black Friday Week comes with three special deals on mobility and banking products

Black Friday Week is all set to start in FCA Bank, Leasys and Leasys Rent with three special offers good until 27 November.

Mobility and banking products: discounts on Leasys CarCloud, Leasys Miles and Take Away, and promotions on the Credit Card and Carta Club FCA Bank.

In view of the long-awaited day, FCA Bank starts its Black Friday Week by launching three special promotions for mobility and banking products. The offers, which will be active until 27 November, are designed to make the Group’s and its Leasys subsidiary’s services even more accessible and affordable

The first offer regards discounts on registrations with LeasysCarCloud, the first car subscription in Italy, which after a year from its launch has more than 10,000 members. From the new Electric formula – with the New 500 - to Giulia&Stelvio, to City Plus and Metropolis, to Jeep Adventure, Jeep Hybrid Plug-In, City Hybrid and Pro, all the vouchers for the different types of subscription to CarCloud can be purchased on Amazon at a 30% discount from regular price.

The second offer concerns Leasys Miles, the pay-per-use long-term rental solution designed for customers who clock less than 15,000 kilometres a year, with a very low monthly rental payment that covers the first 1,000 kilometres. Thanks to the new promotion, which is active on Fiat Panda, Jeep Renegade, Jeep Compass and Alfa Romeo Stelvio, customers will receive an additional 1,000 kilometres free of charge, for a total of 2,000 kilometres. There is an offer also for Leasys Take Away, the long-term rental service where the car is delivered within 15 days, with a 20% discount on the basic offer of Fiat 500, 500L Lounge and 500X, and Fiat Tipo.

The third offer concerns FCA Bank’s Credit Card, which is totally digital and can be managed online, and Carta Club FCA Bank, the medium of payment – which can be turned into a VISA credit card – that allows holders to become members of the FCA Bank Club and to benefit from the loyalty program and exclusive discounts on products of the FCA Group and other highly prestigious brands.
Applicants for an FCA Bank Credit Card and customers who change the Carta Club to a VISA credit card will receive a €50 bonus, for purchases made with the card by 31 January 2021. The bonus will be credited directly on the statement of account, in accordance with the procedures established for the Credit Card product.


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