FCA Bank’s commitment
to its customers

When we talk about customer advocacy we cannot fail to mention Transparency. “Transparency” is not just a set of rules to be complied with but a way to protect the company and its shareholders by reducing the sanctions and reputational risks, on one side, and to protect customers’ interests through a conduct inspired by principles of openness and fairness, establishing a relationship based on trust and mutual benefit.

A business model is virtuous only when it is centered every step of the way on customers’ interests and requirements, starting from the product’s design, its implementation, the marketing phase and customer listening in the post-sale phase.
It is precisely from listening to customers – through periodic surveys, the use of a careful and proactive customer care service and a constant critical analysis of the complaints received – that we can comprehend the customer’s real perception of our Company, our products and our processes, thus understanding what works and what instead needs improving.
Transparency means also making customers aware of their obligations as well as their rights, both through a clear explanation of the characteristics of the product offered in the commercial negotiation phase and through the delivery of a clear and exhaustive set of pre-contractual and contractual documents.

In this sense, FCA Bank aims to pursue a business model constantly inspired to the principles of openness, fairness and listening to customers. This objective was met, in the year just ended, with the revision and improvement of all the customer forms, the company policies, the internal processes and the activation of a structured internal training plan.

Lastly, a sound business model based on customer centricity cannot be effectively implemented without a solid Code of Conduct, informed by ethical principles, openness and fairness.
When we are called upon to make company choices, we must ask ourselves whether that action is totally suited to guide and protect the interests of both the company and its customers.
By pursuing this objective, FCA Bank renewed its Code of Conduct mainly to enhance the level of internal awareness regarding the importance of these principles and to ensure that all employees attain the highest levels of integrity, responsibility and ethics standard. With that in mind, the Company implemented the sections devoted to customer relations, anti-corruption policies and the prevention of reputational risks for the Company.
In addition, the whistleblowing procedure and the relevant dedicated training activities were strengthened.


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