FCA Bank’s Innovation Through "Disruptive Thinking"

We live in a fast-changing world: when businesses, and the way they operate, shift from their traditional mode of operation and management to the modern and technology oriented ways of operation, these transitions refer to as disruption.

The need to reflect on new ideas and different ways of doing business, combining pragmatism and innovation, was the inspiration for the birth of “The Strategic Thinking Path” in FCA Bank: the intention is to understand how cultural factors, needs, trends and business evolution can translate into unexpected opportunities to think about.

The “Path” is designed for a heterogeneous and fairly large group of people. To be more specific, there are 33 participants, divided into five groups, including Country Managers, Senior profiles, Middle Managers and some young people who contribute by deploying their curiosity and a different approach.

The programme is divided into three main phases. During an initial workshop, ideas are provided to stimulate the participants' ability to ask "key" questions related to five thematic areas strategic for business development. In a second phase of team work, participants are divided into five sub-groups, each led by an internal tutor, who have the task of analyzing the selected questions in order to provide consistent, concrete and innovative answers. Briefly, each team is going to focus on a project aimed at spotting areas for improvement and innovation.
To follow, a communication “empowering” program: three web-workshops (12 sessions in total) to improve virtual cooperation in multicultural environments, to examine the dimension of team trust looking for possible criticalities, to implement a series of positive actions to encourage team work and the achievement of final goals.
The sectors - within FCA Bank aims to stimulate disruptive thinking - in particular are banking products, customer relations management, the digital area, the development of Leasys and the new mobility area.
But what does “Disruptive Thinking” mean for FCA Bank? It’s a way of thinking that goes beyond our imagination. A way of thinking about innovation, a core attitude for survival and to defy challenges. A way of thinking that finds a solution to problems, decision making and execution of daily activities.


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