FCA Bank’s leading-edge management platforms

Over the past few years, FCA Bank developed innovative projects to improve Company performances in all its locations in Europe, especially thanks to the creation of management platforms. These are strategic assets that allow the Company to provide cutting-edge and rapid services.
The platforms have been created by FCA Bank and are used daily by all the players involved in the management of its customers, both individuals and dealers.

FCA Bank started in 2008 with the implementation of the SAP platform called DEAL ON Global Dealer Financing System, to support the main Dealer Financing processes in most European companies.
Since its design phase, the management system for dealers has been conceived to develop a kernel solution that might standardize the main Dealer Financing processes in all of FCA Bank’s markets, while ensuring the necessary adaptation to local regulations and/or tax laws.
This approach has proved successful over the years, enabling FCA Bank to provide finance to such companies as FCA, since 2008, Maserati, since 2013, and Ferrari, since 2015, and their captive dealers.
Moreover, it allowed FCA Bank to position itself in the market as a provider of financing services for car manufacturers and non-captive dealers, entering into arrangements with Jaguar Land Rover in 2009, Erwin Hymer Group in 2016 and Dodge & Ram in 2019.
Owing to its versatility and scalability, the DEAL ON system has become over the years the solution to support worldwide Dealer Financing processes for the CNHI group and in 2018 was adopted by FIDIS to manage Customer Factoring and Supplier processes.
The main types of financing handled by the system are Factoring and re-Factoring, Receivable Securitizations, short- and medium-/long-term Financing, and Consignment. Lastly, certain local entities of FCA Bank (Italy and Portugal) use this also as their accounting system. This platform for dealers will grow further in 2020, with its extension to FCA Bank’s Greek market.

Another important project is the management platform for retail customers, i.e. the RETAIL ON GLOBAL RETAIL FINANCING SYSTEM.
This is an end-to-end management and accounting system that covers FCA Bank’s retail financing system (both lending and leasing), from the entry of the dealer’s proposal, to credit analysis, to the management of the entire contract lifecycle.

The system is equipped with a front-end that has an ergonomic and innovative user interface, designed with the dealer’s needs in mind. This interface was created to support a totally paperless process, making it possible to use on every device all digital functionalities, such as remote file upload, remote recognition, OCR and, of course, digital signature. In addition, it does have a back-end that makes it possible to support promptly any business evolution.
The RETAIL ON platform consists of SAP modules and custom components developed directly by FCA Bank.
The project began in 2012, with a two-year plan devoted to the German and Austrian markets. The project was completed in 2014, with a great effort by FCA Bank Deutschland and Austria.
The second phase began in 2016 in France and Poland. FCA Capital France and FCA Bank Polska staff members, under HQ’s stewardship, did a great job, with the successful completion of the project on 14 January 2019 following the creation of the first contract in the French market.
RETAIL ON GLOBAL RETAIL FINANCING SYSTEM is currently active in four FCA Bank markets - Austria, Germany, Poland and France – and will be extended to Italy in March 2021 and to Spain and Portugal at the end of 2021.

In 2013 we developed another platform devoted to Leasys’s long-term rental customers: RENT ON GLOBAL RENTAL SYSTEM.
This innovative platform was implemented for the Italian market, to support the key processes of long-term rental, thus improving Leasys’s service to customers. The main characteristic of the new platform, based on SAP modules, is the significant integration between sale processes, through the Leasys Touch portal, and the management of customer relations for all the operational and administrative aspects, such as contract amendments, vehicle management, billing.
Starting from 2015, the RENT ON platform enabled Leasys to implement its internationalization plans in Europe, thanks to a roadmap that brought the platform to Spain, Germany, Belgium and Poland and is expected to be extended to France, Portugal and Denmark by the end of 2020, and to Greece and Switzerland by 2021.


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