FCA Bank teams up with Miacar to finance new car online purchases

Digital innovation is expanding in the auto world and FCA Bank and MiaCar are partnering up to offer a transparent, new purchasing package with no unwelcome surprises

FCA Bank, the digital bank of the FCA Group, is one of the main sources of credit, financing services and insurance products (distributed through external providers) for vehicle purchases in Italy. Starting from the auto core business, FCA Bank has developed a diversification strategy which has turned it into a bona fide banking institution.

The strategy continues with the development of online sales through the partnership with MiaCar, one of the first online platforms in Italy to apply e-commerce methods and standards to the world of new cars.

On the www.miacar.it platform, you can compare offers in all market segments, find the best price, book the car you want to buy and finance it. All cars are new, ready-to-drive, available from official dealerships and, of course, covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
Key information for making informed choices is presented on the website, such as model, trim level, engine, technical specifications, product features and, most interesting, real prices after discount including all costs, together with a photo of the vehicle.
The saving respect to the price list (which can be up to 40 per cent) and the monthly rate are also indicated.
You can choose the car you want to buy online comparing features and prices of two thousand or so vehicles from the comfort of your own home. A small deposit is required when the car is booked. The car will be materially handed over to you at the dealership where the terms of the financing contract will also be finalised.
After having booked a car, you can go to the dealership, examine the vehicle and confirm your purchase or do everything online and go to the dealership just to pick it up.
The money you paid when you booked the car will be returned immediately if you change your mind.
The customer satisfaction level certified by Feedaty is 4.9 out of 5. MiaCar has in fact outsourced feedback collection to an independent organisation to guarantee serious and impartial collection of the customers' opinions.
"We have chosen to partner up with MiaCar because we are an innovative bank operating in continual improvement perspective", commented Giulio Viale, General Manager of FCA Bank for Italy. "The web channel is constantly growing also for cars, with a considerable percentage of financed sales. We are developing new tools to intercept this demand and retain it".


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