FCA Bank & Treedom: a tree on board every hybrid car

Fiat’s launch of a family of hybrid cars has paved the way for FCA Bank, the digital bank that has been constantly supporting all FCA brands, to enter a sustainable business.

The first step in this process was the recent partnership with Treedom, an Italian company operating Europe-wide since 2010 which established the only platform in the world where individuals and companies plant a tree and follow its growth online. Thus the FCA Bank forest came to life, where thousands of hybrid car customers will contribute to reduce CO2 emissions, for greater awareness and sustainability in mobility.

With this in mind, FCA Bank introduces Be-Hybrid by FCA Bank, the range of financing products for FCA’s hybrid cars, such as the new Fiat 500 and Panda, both available starting from €10,900, with simple and flexible financing plans.
With Be-Hybrid, customers can pick a solution that will allow them, after 3 years, to replace their car with a new one, to continue to drive or to return their car.
Be-Hybrid can finance also the innovative insurance policies made available in cooperation with the best market providers, such as Genertel’s new fixed-premium third-party liability policy (RC Auto).

FCA Bank’s solutions contribute to improve and protect the environment. For each contract finalized with the Bank for a hybrid car, customers will receive a specific code to be activated on treedom.net, an online platform that allows them to adopt a forest tree, thus helping reduce CO2.

The selected tree will be planted by farmers located in various areas of the world, particularly in Africa and Latin America, who will tend it and benefit from its fruits. Customers, for their part, will be able to know exactly where the tree is, to name it and to follow its story with updated photos and news that they will receive. Thus, FCA Bank’s Be-Hybrid will generate a virtuous cycle with positive environmental implications as well as social and economic benefits for the development of the local populations involved from time to time. The “Tree on board” initiative will be present also in Sanremo next to Fiat 500, during the Italian Song Festival, a testimony to FCA Bank’s commitment toward a more sustainable mobility.


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