U-Go by Leasys and Be Free with Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY19 open the way for the mobility of the future

Leasys, the mobility and rental company of the FCA Bank Group, meets Alfa Romeo in a unique event at the Museo Storico di Arese

In connection with the launch the Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY19, Leasys introduces Be Free and U-Go by Leasys, two perfect solutions for a constantly changing mobility landscape, where car ownership is only one of the many ways to fulfil customers’ needs.

The sporty and elegant Giulietta is a perfect match for Leasys’s mobility solutions.

U-Go by Leasys is a novelty in the automotive world, as it is an original concept of free integrated platform that enables Leasys’s private customers to share their vehicles.
Giulietta and U-Go by Leasys are the perfect couple, bringing together shared mobility and stylish and pleasurable driving. Thanks to the arrangement with U-Go by Leasys, we introduce an intelligent mobility that eliminates waste, is safer, cheaper and most of all more “social”.
This service is available in Italy and soon in major European markets.
Be Free, named Prodotto dell’anno 2019* in Italy, is a formula that allows customers to rent a car hasslefree. No down-payment, all the main services included and the possibility of returning the car after 2 years without penalties are the characteristics of this successful product, already chosen by 15,000 customers in Italy.
Be Free is offered in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Belgium.
Thanks to Leasys, an increasing number of customers will be able to experience the Alfa Romeo driving pleasure, choosing the uniqueness of the Giulietta MY19 with Be Free and sharing the car with U-Go by Leasys.


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