Great success in Italy for Conto Deposito, the online savings account signed by
FCA Bank

In 2016, one year after its transformation, FCA Bank chose to seize new business opportunities and diversify its funding sources, with an offer in line with the tradition of developing private savings.
This is why FCA Bank created Conto Deposito , the online savings account that offers very competitive conditions and one of the most advantageous yields on the market. The product is completely online and just a few clicks away.

Accessibility and flexibility are among the main strengths of the product, in addition to secure investments, guaranteed by the excellent Baa1 rating ( Moody’s Investors Service Deposits L/T ) and the fact that FCA Bank is a member of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund.

The online Conto Deposito is a very important tool, as witnessed by the experience of other captive banks, which deserves the particular attention to set the right pricing and to manage it properly. This type of product offers a possible additional source of liquidity which can be accessed in case of need.

This possibility is highly appreciated by financial markets and one of the factors which helped establish the good reputation and the rating of the bank.
The online savings account confirms a great success in just two years since the launch in Italy , with funding of around €830 million .
In 2017 FCA Bank decided to continue in this direction by expanding the geographical reach of its offering in Germany.

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