Opening Porta 12

After another record first-half profit, FCA Bank inaugurates new headquarters Porta 12

Another record first-half profit, a new Italian and European headquarters to project a clear and recognisable image and many digitalisation and mobility plans that will enable FCA Bank to continue to pursue its growth path and end 2017 on a high note.
This was in essence the message sent during the inauguration of “Porta 12”, FCA Bank’s new headquarters, a choice that puts the spotlight on, and uses in the best possible way, the building in the Mirafiori complex that can be accessed (in fact) from entrance 12, Corso Orbassano 367, Turin.

Actually, the latest commercial and financial performance data say it all. At the end of the first half of 2017, FCA Bank’s pre-tax profit amounted to €260 million while net profit totalled €190 million, reflecting a 30 percent increase on the first half of 2016. End-of-period financing portfolio rose to nearly €23 billion, compared to €19 billion at the end of June 2016.

The rise of new car registrations and FCA Bank’s growing support to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles throughout Europe resulted in total new financing of €6.5 million for the period, up 8 percent on the comparable period of 2016.

FCA Bank was a force to be reckoned with in many areas, improving its performance and driving change in market trends.

The inauguration of “Porta 12” is part of FCA Bank’s natural evolution.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony – which took place before Alfredo Altavilla (FCA’s COO for the EMEA region) and Philippe Dumont (CEO of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance) and all the other members of FCA Bank’s Board of Directors – is in fact but one of the numerous and important steps of the process started three years ago with the transformation into a bank. By establishing a welcoming and fully digitalised headquarters, FCA Bank reaffirmed its intention to enhance the prestige and strength of the brand. The Bank’s “new home” projects a modern, well-defined and recognisable image, reinforcing the employees’ identification with the company, ensuring utmost comfort in terms of space, light and acoustics as well as the presence of many break rooms.

In addition, the reference to the Italian DNA of the multinational Group can be seen in the new rooms devoted to telepresence and meetings, which have been named after great Italians: from Gianni Agnelli to Enzo Ferrari, to Leonardo da Vinci, to Rita Levi di Montalcini. The historic roots, however, go hand in hand with the future as a digital bank, with a large number of smart meeting points and touch screens located throughout the offices. Thanks to these devices, it will be easier to disseminate a philosophy centred on innovation and more attuned than ever to new digital technologies, but in the spirit of environmental friendliness.

Starting today, Porta 12 is the new identifier of the company, an important step in the bank’s growth path.