In the UK the most satisfied customers of FCA Bank

Consistent with FCA Bank’s goal to increasingly enhance the satisfaction of its customers, FCA Automotive Services UK implemented a Customer Experience programme to improve the amount of customer information FCA Automotive Services UK had access to, improve the Customer and Dealer Experience and open the way to developing a more customer-focused culture by increasing customer loyalty.

The idea of implementing a Customer Experience programme was focused on a few clear objectives. By mapping the route customers take when they establish a relationship with the company, FCA Automotive Services UK wanted to reduce the number of "points of contact" and complaints to the service centre. This allowed them to pinpoint tactical changes.

The feedback gathering system is designed to be simple, useful and engaging for the customers. To achieve this the customer receives a feedback request via SMS within a few hours of interacting with the company.

Customers are asked to rate the service received on a scale from 1 to 5 and this score is called Customer Satisfaction. The process continues asking for an account of why they gave that score and how they think FCA Automotive Services UK could improve. The system also measures the level of emotion in the words used and is smart enough to understand emoji’s.
All of these data are then analysed and a score of up to 5 is given, the highest that can be assigned for both answers. The degree of “sentiment” and satisfaction scores are grouped together to identify the most significant influencing factors and thus to really understand what is important for the customers. To prevent complaints and close the circle with customers, FCA Automotive Services UK takes a proactive approach and contacts interviewees who gave low satisfaction scores. Because the feedback received is visible in real time on the company’s dashboard, it’s possible to see how it is progressing and take immediate action to quickly resolve any issues, showing customers how listening is important.
Also thanks to this programme, the Customer Satisfaction score in the UK is currently 4.56, the highest among countries where FCA Bank is present.*

2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey FCA Bank


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