FCA Bank and Leasys introduce Jeep Miles the new rental solution designed for Jeep customers

Jeep Miles is a long-term rental, without any down-payment, which calls for an affordable fixed monthly payment plus a variable amount calculated on the basis of the actual kilometres travelled. The T-Box Mopar Connect, which is installed on board the vehicle, measures the kilometres travelled by the customer. There is no maximum number of kilometres, for an authentic “Pay per Use” experience.
The fixed monthly payment will include, with different formulas, the main mobility services. In addition, there will be a variable amount, calculated by applying the rate per kilometre to the number of kilometres travelled by the customer. The first 1,000 kilometres will be on the house, i.e. Leasys.
Jeep customers who, for example, use the car only in particular periods of the year, or are often abroad on business, will find in Jeep Miles the ideal solution for their mobility requirements. It is suitable also for drivers who use the car mainly in the city with a low number of kilometres travelled every year.
Jeep Miles will be available in 2019, in every country where Leasys is operational, with solutions tailored to each market.

Jeep Miles customers applying for an FCA Bank credit card will receive 1,000 kilometres free, to be “credited” to their Jeep Miles contract.

Recently launched in the market, FCA Bank’s credit card operates on the VISA circuit and can be requested and managed completely online. It’s 100% digital, in line with the promise to customers “Your new digital bank”. The card provides multiple functions that make it flexible, affordable and secure for managing purchases autonomously at any time. With My Budget customers can select whether they want to pay the balance outstanding in full or in instalments, based on their spending capacity. With the payment in instalments, customers can change the monthly amount also repeatedly in a single day and until the last day of the current month*. With My Control, customers can manage their purchases with full peace of mind, also because this services makes it possible to enable and disable online purchases, use abroad and cash withdrawals.
Furthermore, Club FCA Bank, the loyalty program reserved to cardholders, allows access to exclusive discounts on a large number of products, including Jeep merchandising products.

In addition, Jeep Miles customers will enjoy significant benefits, including the waiver of the annual credit card fee for the first year, and for the following years in the presence of annual purchases of at least €1,500**, and a lower-than-market interest rate on their revolving debt. Applying for a card will be easy and fast. All an applicant will have to do is to access the website fcabank.it, enter the specific Jeep Miles code, which will be notified as soon as the rental contract is signed, and complete the application process online.

*Using the My Budget function, the amount of the monthly instalment can be changed repeatedly in a single day – for amounts ranging from €100 (minimum), with increments or decreases of €50 or multiples thereof – until 1:00 p.m. of the last day of the month.
**€35 the annual fee in case the minimum purchase amount is not met.


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