Leasing Give Me 5!
The best leasing product for FIAT PRO customers in Poland

FCA Bank, a highly innovative player in mobility solutions, has launched
Leasing Give me 5!, a new leasing solution for Fiat Professional’s customers.

Thanks to this new product, customers will be able to benefit from a simple, accessible and flexible solution, with the added benefit of exclusive ancillary insurance services. Main benefits include:

- 5% down-payment;
- 5 years maximum contract duration;
- 5 payments (one a year), which can be paid in arrears by the customer at no additional cost;
- 5 interesting insurance products and services that may be added and financed (e.g. MOPAR: Easy Care and Maximum Care).

Fiat Professional’s customers in Poland appreciated the offer from the start. To buy a commercial vehicle, over 40% of FCA Bank’s customers chooses Leasing Give me 5!.

With Leasing Give me 5!, Fiat Professional’s customers can also choose to finance an insurance policy at a favourable interest rate.
The local financial press gave rave reviews to the product for its innovative aspect. Gazeta Finansowa, a famous weekly financial magazine in Poland, presented Leasing Give me 5! with an award as “Best product for small and medium enterprises and for business” in the leasing category.


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