Leasys a mobility player to be reckoned with also in the UK

Leasys continues its growth and consolidation process in the United Kingdom’s mobility sector. Already active in 8 European countries, this subsidiary of FCA Bank specialised in the provision of a full range of innovative mobility services presented its growth data in the UK market in London, illustrating the new challenges for the future.

The presentation took place at the National Gallery, during “Redesign Mobility”, the event organized in the context of the exhibition held to celebrate the genius of Leonardo da Vinci titled “Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece”, of which Leasys is one of the main sponsors. As a tribute to the talent of the extraordinary inventor, whose innovative spirit is a constant source of inspiration for FCA Bank and Leasys, the event saw the participation of Klaus Busse, Vice President of Design FCA EMEA Region, who in his opening speech drew a parallel between the genius of Leonardo and the Italian design of Alfa, with an impromptu sketch of the Alfa Romeo Tonale as the quintessence of the brand’s DNA. Just as Leonardo always combined art and ingenuity, so does a process involving creative research and evolution, technology, and proportions results in the beauty and uniqueness of the Alfa Romeo style.
Operational in the UK since 2017, Leasys stood out from the start as a mobility company of reference for companies and individuals, thanks to the launch of numerous pioneering solutions capable of meeting constantly changing customer requirements. Its innovative approach, which turned the disownership and digitalization trends into some of its main strengths, was the engine of a significant growth over the years also in the UK.
The number of registered orders increased significantly, from 7,000 in 2017 to more than 9,000 in 2019. In particular, in November 2019 orders were up 121% on the comparable amount in 2018. On the strength of its nature of mobility pioneer, Leasys climbed quickly the ranks of the top 50 UK car rental and leasing companies, settling among the first 20 with a fleet of 13,150 vehicles.
In 2019 alone the customers that chose Leasys rose by 30%, the retailer network engagement grew by 15% and broker engagement went up by 50%, with an 89% level of acceptance for personal contracts and a 74% level of acceptance for corporate contracts.

“As a leader, Leasys aims to redefine the mobility of the future also in the United Kingdom” said Giacomo Carelli, CEO & General Manager of FCA Bank. “After we earned our stripes as the fastest-growing short-term and long-term rental operator in Italy, the objective is to gain a stronger foothold in the UK market, with our leading-edge mobility solutions and exclusive services designed to fulfil corporate and private mobility requirements”.

Under the stewardship of Sebastiano Fedrigo, Country Manager of Leasys UK, 2020 will be driven by digital innovation, with the implementation of new services in the Leasys app, including the Parking functionality, which allows drivers to pay for parking in the city through their smartphone. In addition, there will be the new car sharing platform and Leasys Miles, the revolutionary pay-per-use formula.
Leasys, which is already market leader in Italy and is among the top 10 mobility providers in Spain and France, is active in 8 European countries and expects to be operational in 5 other European countries by 2021, with a fleet of 450,000 vehicles. Under the leadership of Alberto Grippo, CEO of Leasys, in 2019 the company expanded its presence in Italy through the development of an extensive network of 300 Leasys Mobility Stores, shops where customers can access all the innovative mobility services provided: short/medium/long-term rental, car subscription, car sharing, e-mobility with charging stations to be made available shortly, online mobility purchases through Amazon, and all the financing and insurance services of FCA Bank.
The objective for 2021 is to export this model to 5 other European countries, enlarging the number of stores to 1200. Another new development in 2019, in the wake of the subscription economy trend, was the launch in the Italian market of the first car subscription, Leasys CarCloud. This is a unique offering for the mobility sector, which takes into account the need to drive different cars depending on the customer’s situations, such as a small car in the city or an SUV or a station wagon for weekend outings or summer holidays. With Leasys CarCloud, with a fixed monthly fee customers can use different cars in all the main Italian cities. The subscription has no time restrictions and customers can cancel or restart anytime.


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