Leasys CarCloud goes Pro: introducing the first subscription to commercial vehicles

Leasys unveils CarCloud Pro, the new mobility subscription service for private and self-employed individuals combining comfort and functionality.

The subscription, which can be activated on Amazon, makes it possible to choose between two Fiat Professional vans – Fiorino and Doblò – which are ideal for both business and leisure.

The vans can be picked up after 48 hours from reservation at the Leasys Mobility Stores of Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice, Verona, Florence, Naples and Bologna.

The CarCloud family of services is growing. Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank and leader in 360-degree mobility, introduces its new-born, CarCloud Pro, the innovative mobility subscription that combines performance, comfort and functionality in a single service. CarCloud Pro makes available to private and self-employed individuals two Fiat Professional vans, Fiorino and Doblò, which marry the stylish look of an automobile and the soul of a commercial vehicle.

With this new service by Leasys, subscribers will be able to use two vehicles that, thanks to their nimbleness and weight capacity, are ideal for both business and leisure.

Fiorino, with a weight capacity of 660 kg., features excellent performance and environmental sustainability, with a highly comfortable ride, especially in the city. On the other hand, with its 3-metre length, Doblò delivers best performance thanks to its maximum volume of 5.4 m3, ideal for city and long-distance driving. Both models incorporate leading-edge safety systems.

To subscribe, all it takes are few, easy steps. After the registration on Amazon, for €199.00, customers can convert the registration voucher on the website carcloud.leasys.com and book the selected van for €399/month. The van can then be picked up after 48 hours at one of the Leasys Mobility Stores in Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice, Verona, Florence, Naples and Bologna. With the purchase of the voucher, which is valid as of 2 November, subscribers can drive either of the practical and flexible Fiorino and Doblò of the Leasys fleet.

Subscriptions can be renewed monthly for up to 12 months and will last minimum 30 days, after which they can be cancelled without any penalty. The monthly subscription features all the services for a hassle-free driving experience (road tax, kasko insurance, warranty, maintenance, change of tires, etc.). Additional services may be purchased, such as kasko insurance without deductibles, change of pack and second driver.

Leasys CarCloud is the innovative car subscription service, already chosen by over 9,000 in Italy, which fosters freedom of movement by making available the vehicle that best fits one’s needs. In addition to the recent Jeep® Renegade & Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid offer, the service includes different packages and solutions: City Plus for city cars Fiat e Lancia; Metropolis Plus with crossovers and sedans of the FCA Group; Jeep® Adventure, with Renegade, Compass and Cherokee; Alfa Romeo with Stelvio and Giulia; and CarCloud Collection with Maserati Levante and Ghibli.


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