Leasys comes to Belgium
The European expansion of FCA Bank’s mobility and leasing company continues

FCA Bank intends to widen its offering in all the countries in which it operates, to support the FCA Group’s new product range.

The internationalization of Leasys SpA, the long-term mobility and long-term rental company of FCA Bank, continues with the presence, as of today, in Belgium, with a new branch of the Italian Holding. After entering Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, Leasys therefore takes up the announced expansion program abroad, arriving in a market that is mature in the leasing sector but still has significant growth prospects for long term rental, especially for what concerns small and medium-sized enterprises and the private customers target.

market where Leasys will be able to measure itself immediately thanks to the variety and flexibility of its mobility solutions, which have already met the favor of new foreign customers, generating volumes up more than 20% in the countries where Leasys has arrived in 2017. In Italy, Leasys records an increase of about 5% of rented cars compared to 2016 - the record year with over 54 thousand vehicles delivered - and it is growing particularly in the segment of professionists and private individuals, demonstrating how private customers agree to evaluate rental when the proposal is clear, convenient and easily accessible. Overall, Leasys now operates a fleet of around 200,000 units (cars and commercial vehicles).

Leasys success is based on efficiency and innovative services thanks to digital technologies - a strategic asset in which Leasys continues to invest - and draws strength from the renewed range of FCA products, today able to respond to the most diverse mobility needs with Jeep Compass, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Giulia, Fiat Tipo and Fiat 5oo, the latter capable of persuading even the Millennials, who hire it on Amazon.

Moreover, internationalization is part of the broader growth and diversification strategy of the FCA Bank Group, which aims to increase its market share by proposing FCA models more effectively at European level to the fleet and private markets. With the expansion of the reference markets, Leasys will be increasingly competitive and able to best meet the needs of its local and international customers: the goal is to become one of the top five European rental players within the next three years.

In Belgium, too, Leasys will "export" its flagship product in the last year - Be Free and Be Free Pro for SMEs and professionals - already the star of the launch campaign for Leasys operations in Spain, France and the UK.

At the helm of Leasys Belgium is Danny Meulenberghs, under coordination by Jean-luc Mas, General Manager of FCA Bank Group in Belgium.


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