Leasys comes to France

A few months after the Spain debut, the European expansion of Leasys, FCA Bank's mobility and vehicle rental company, continues with the take-over of FCA Fleet Services France activities. New initiatives for professional clients open up direct presence on the French market.

Just a few months after entering the Spanish market, Leasys, FCA Bank's mobility and long-term rental company, comes to France taking over FCA Fleet Services France rental activities. This move is part of the wide-ranging internationalization project that will, in a few months, lead Leasys to offer its services in countries where the banking group is already conducting business.

In particular, the opening of new branches in Spain (April), Germany (starting next Summer) and in Belgium (by the end of the year) - in addition to the integration of the existing companies in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and, of course, in France - will present the FCA Bank Group with the opportunity to diversify its business and increase its market share by more aggressively offering FCA's renewed range of products to the fleet market, as well as to professional and private targets, starting with the introduction of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Fiat Tipo and Jeep Compass.

Leasys France welcomes twenty years of activity in the long-term rental business of FCA Fleet Services on the French market. The brand’s debut will be marked by the launch of BE FREE PRO, the innovative product created in Italy by Leasys and FCA, which has successfully revolutionized the concept of mobility for professionals. It features simplicity and flexibility thanks to a total technology offering and extremely competitive fees, no advance payments, and, most of all, no early repayment penalties after 24 months of leasing.

The direct presence of Leasys in France will also feature newly-launched digital tools such as the new www.leasys.com/fr website and MyLeasys client portal, which can help clients’ fleet managers attain a simpler and more independent handling of their fleets.

At the helm of Leasys France is Denis Vitellaro, under coordination by Rolando D’Arco, General Manager of FCA Bank Group branches in France.

In France, as well as in all the most advanced European countries, long-term rental indicators have been positive for the last few years while a new concept of mobility is being developed, focused on car use rather than ownership, geared toward saving and sustainability


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