Leasys grows in Europe

After Spain, France, Germany, the Uk and Belgium, Leasys arrives in the Netherlands.

Leasys SpA, the long-term mobility and rental company of FCA Bank, adds a new country to its internationalization program and it is now present in the Netherlands with Leasys Nederland, taking over long-term rental activities by FCA Capital Nederland.

Leasys can therefore offer its services in seven countries - Italy, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium and, indeed, the Netherlands – going, in particular, for the so-called "private leasing" target, long-term rental for individuals and small and medium-sized businesses, a segment that shows important signs of growth. Actually, according to VNA, the association of Dutch vehicle leasing companies, private leasing in the Netherlands has almost tripled in in the last two years, reaching over 100,000 rental contracts.

Leasys - who had already “exported” in the Netherlands its private lease flagship product Be Free thanks to FCA Capital Nederland - will make its Dutch debut by launching Be Free Pro, dedicated to SMBs and Professionals. Created together with FCA, Be Free is an innovative mobility solution, rather appealing to private customers thanks to simplicity and convenience of the offer, which includes all services and excludes advance payment and early termination penalties. Be Free confirms itself as a key factor in Leasys European expansion, recording volumes up by over 20%* in the countries where it has been launched during 2017.

Leasys therefore takes up the announced expansion program abroad and confirms its goal of becoming one of the top five European rental players within the next three years. Internationalization is part of the broader growth and diversification strategy of the FCA Bank Group, which aims to increase its market share by proposing FCA models more effectively at European level to the fleet and private markets.
At the helm of Leasys Nederland in the Lijnden offices is Luc Griffioen, under coordination by Antonio Elia, General Managerof FCA Bank Group in the Netherlands.
In Italy, Leasys has successfully closed 2017, especially growing in the professional and private leasing segment, thus proving that private customers are willing to consider the rental option when the proposal is clear, convenient and easily accessible.
Overall, Leasys now operates a fleet of about 200,000 units (cars and commercial vehicles)*. *internal Leasys data source


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