FCA Bank and Leasys leading the way to the future of mobility

At “Living Mobility – from one hour to a lifetime”, an event hosted at Leasys’s headquarters in Rome, “Arte 25”, FCA Bank presented the future of its subsidiary, Leasys.

It was a chance to introduce two new important features that FCA Bank will offer its customers through Leasys, the Leasys Mobility Stores and the new initiative with Amazon.it for short-term rentals.

The Leasys Mobility Stores bring to life the concept “Living Mobility”. They were created to address new developments in the world of mobility and consumer requirements. They are physical locations where Leasys’s customers will be able to discover, with help from specialized consultants, all the mobility solutions that the company makes available. An environment where customers can explore all their options in short-, medium- and long-term car rental, peer-to-peer sharing, used car purchases, service, electric mobility, financial and insurance services.

They are disseminated extensively throughout the country, with 100 physical locations already fully operational and a fleet of 5,000 vehicles for short/medium-term rental and car sharing. Leasys aims to have 400 physical locations with over 12,500 vehicles in Italy and expects to expand in Europe in 2021, with 1,200 Mobility Stores and about 35,000 vehicles.

They were designed with technological innovation in mind, with interactive digital solutions. The multimedia totems inside the Leasys Mobility Stores help customers to learn about the different types of mobility proposed by Leasys, review offers, simulate estimates and compare products and services, with on-site specialized consultants ready to answer all types of questions and to provide support.

Leasys’s response to technological and digital progress can be seen also thanks to the main online touchpoints, such as Amazon, in an initiative to provide short-term rental services for the first time in Italy on Amazon.it. In June and July Leasys will launch a voucher that can be bought from Amazon for a 3-day rental for €9.99 a day (total €29.99) for any vehicle of the fleet, to be used by 27 July 2019 (pick up date) in all the Leasys Mobility Stores in Italy. This initiative follows that of 2016, the first with Amazon.it devoted to long-term rental in Italy.


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