Leasys presents the new I-Link app, personal car sharing at your fingertips

An exclusive app dedicated to I-Link, the new form of shared mobility, to create your own community to share your own car with, in total freedom.

Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank and a leader in 360° mobility solutions, presents the new I-Link App, the exclusive personal car sharing service designed to satisfy customers seeking mobility solutions that are innovative and most of all technological.

Four years since the launch of U Go, the first peer-to-peer car sharing platform from a rental company, Leasys is expanding its family of car sharing services, in line with the trends of disownership and the sharing economy, but also consistent with today's need to travel safely, while keeping some daily expenditure in check.

I-Link is a long-term rental product inspired by well-known messaging apps, aimed at sharing your car with a small community of people. An ideal solution for individuals or freelancers who require a tangible alternative to vehicle ownership that can also reduce the costs of managing mobility. With I-Link, you can rent a car, drive it when you need to and share it with your community when not using it.

Based on a web platform, I-Link enables its players – parties to Leasys rental agreements – to create a community of friends, relatives or colleagues, up to a maximum of ten users, to share their car with. No need to exchange keys: using a dedicated app available on iOS and Android, users can geolocate the car, book it depending on availability, and open it ‘keylessly’, by simply placing your smartphone near the car door and entering your PIN code. Once the sharing session is complete, all the user needs to do is leave the vehicle at the agreed drop-off point and end the trip in the app.

The player can decide whether to only share the car with members of their community, or even to share the monthly rental fee. Based on the time the car is booked and used, the app then calculates the refund each user needs to pay to the player.

With I-Link, sharing a car and its running expenses will be easy and safe, for both the player and the user.



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