Leasys starts the internationalization process of Clickar.com, the first italian ecommerce platform for pre-owned vehicles

Leasys launches the new Clickar.com website, which combines the two natures of
Clickar.it and Clickcar.biz, becoming the go-to place for private individuals and companies interested in purchasing and selling pre-owned vehicles online.

Clickar starts its expansion in Europe, with Spain as its first foreign market opened in September, to be followed by Belgium in October. Clickar.com’s internationalization plan will be fully rolled out in 2021, with the presence in all the 12 European markets in which Leasys is currently operational.

Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank and leader in 360-degree mobility, launches Clickar.com, the new portal dedicated to the purchase and sale of pre-owned and off-lease vehicles. The website is intended to combine into a single platform clickar.it, a leading portal for the sale online of pre-owned cars to private individuals in Italy, and clickar.biz, the most important Italian website for online automotive auctions dedicated to industry companies and professionals, with the aim of creating a single go-to place for pre-owned online purchases and sales.

A new graphics and richer contents will guide users in navigating the new sections of the website, to discover information on the company and, especially, on the buying opportunities available on the platform for each customer target.

Clickar.com was created as an easy-to-use and intuitive marketplace that can provide, on one side, private individuals with a vast range of reliable vehicles in perfect working conditions - thanks to the routine maintenance plan and the two-year warranty - which can all be viewed in the high-definition digital showcase and financed thanks to FCA Bank’s innovative financing solutions.

Clickar.com enables business customers, vehicle trading companies, official dealers, specialized multi-brand dealers, rental companies, leasing companies and finance companies to buy and sell pre-owned and demo cars through online auctions, which can be accessed online and at no cost.

The customer journey is digital for both private individuals and professionals. However, in the Clickar Points section, private individuals can see all the physical sales centres located throughout the country and select the closest, allowing potential customers to inspect the vehicles up close before they buy.

Obviously, business customers can still follow their auctions online, including through a smartphone and a tablet, thanks to the Clickar app. Available on Google Play and Apple Store, this app enables customers to follow and participate in electronic auctions, anytime and anywhere. Over 14,000 operators have chosen this buying approach, participating in the 90 monthly auctions held to sell over 2,200 vehicles a month in the B2B channel. To date, over 300,000 vehicles have been sold through this channel.

But that’s not all. The Clickar brand crossed its national borders and, starting from September 2020, it began operations in Spain. Clickar’s internationalization plan calls for its expansion, in 2021, also in the remaining European markets in which Leasys currently operates (UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Poland). The platform of reference for online sales – Clickar.com - will be the same throughout Europe.

Today, Clickar is leader in the pre-owned market, with over 600,000 vehicles sold since inception and is poised to become, in the next few months, one of Europe’s main operators.


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