Listening and learning about personal needs, this is FCA Bank’s commitment to its customers

Listening is the essence of our activity. Listening to our customers, not as anonymous voices coming from the market, but as individuals, with their needs, dreams and difficulties.

The automotive sector is constantly changing, not only for the development of new engines – electric and hybrid – but also for the new ways in which vehicles are used, such as car sharing and the peer to peer.

While change in the former is dictated by the manufacturers, in the latter it reflects the customer’s preferences. Thus, it is necessary to expand the product offering, to deliver an integrated mobility experience to all the customers.
Behind this change in products and services, there is also a generational evolution.

Over the years, the drivers go through their lives with a different approach to mobility. We need to understand the full extent of these changes, so as to prepare in advance and offer our customers solutions that suit their new personal needs.
Against a backdrop marked by a growing interest for shared mobility there is U-Go, the innovative platform by Leasys that allows customers to share their car, making it available to other people, who can rent it as needed, including for a few hours. Moreover, new pay-per-use financing solutions will be offered soon to customers, in view of the different ways in which a vehicle may be needed.
Also the insurance sector related to car financing has been going through a profound transformation for some time now. In the past, customers were mainly interested in protecting their credit, insuring payment in case of unpredictable problems. Now they seek mainly insurance and services related to mobility, with worry-free financing solutions.
The connected vehicle is a reality now and in the next few years the new technologies will change increasingly the driving experience: new services and products will be provided to customers to help them derive maximum benefit from this new experience.
This is the landscape in which FCA Bank is pursuing innovation: providing an increasingly complete range of mobility, connected, flexible and digital services, to personalize and optimize customers’ experience in the vehicle.


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