New payment instruments to support FCA Bank and Leasys customers

Today, at Leasys’s new headquarters, Arte 25, awards were presented at the “Credit & Collection Mid-Year Campaign 2019” to the best teams of the suppliers engaged in payment management activities for FCA Bank and Leasys.

The event was also an opportunity to confirm the objectives achieved thanks to FCA Bank and Leasys’s customers new payment instruments, whose main purpose is to provide an increasingly better, easier and digital service, including:

- "Click to pay", that is the option for Leasys’s customers to make their rental payments by bank transfer or credit card, with two simple clicks, through a link, from their smartphone;

-"SMS Reminder”, through which FCA Bank, thanks also to the access to the Customer Area of the website, reminds customers of their upcoming payment obligations;

- "Mobile POS", a service that enables Customers, under certain conditions, to pay past due instalments through electronic means of payment (credit cards, ATM card, Paypal, etc.).

FCA Bank and Leasys work side by side with their customers, proposing increasingly effective and online solutions.


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