Our customers’ trust is evidence to great service

FCA Bank has always focused on its customers and intends to meet their needs and to maximize their satisfaction by ensuring not only that its service is excellent but that it is also perceived as such.

To have full visibility of customers’ needs, it uses a complete market research system, which covers the entire lifecycle of customers and checks constantly the quality of its offering, as perceived both by drivers and by the dealer network, in a listening and analysis process.

FCA Bank pays attention not only to products but also to sector trends, so as to design ad hoc solutions that meet the customer’s favour.
With the Customer Satisfaction Survey, we analyse the current scenario. According to the Survey, 2019 saw an increase in the number of consumers who incorporate in their decision to purchase a vehicle the possibility to obtain a car loan. Furthermore, since more than 50% of respondents said that the process to buy begins online, FCA Bank provides financing solutions that accompany customers from home to the dealer showroom.

Our solutions are complete and sensitive to any type of requirement, and this is the reason why our sales consultants are totally prepared to answer in an exhaustive manner every question that a customer may have. In fact, our survey shows that 80% of respondents is highly satisfied with the dealer’s service.

The results of our survey on FCA Bank’s products and services confirm a constant improvement of the overall evaluation. On a 1-5 scale, with the positive threshold at 3.7, the average satisfaction for the main markets is higher than 4, in continuity with 2018. Among the most successful countries in this respect, attention is called to the United Kingdom, where customer satisfaction is above 4.5, and Denmark, where the score is 4.57. In Poland, Switzerland and Portugal our performance was excellent again, with a score higher than 4.5.

Awards and recognitions confirm a clear customer satisfaction trend for both products and services, such as Noleggio Chiaro (“Clear Rental”) by Leasys, which was named Product of the Year 2020 in automotive Services. This innovative award-winning rental solution, devoted to self-employed professionals and private individuals, allows customers to learn immediately the purchase price of a car at the end of the rental contract. This award follows in the wake of that given to Leasys last year for Be Free, which was named Product of the Year 2019 in the same category.

We feel that understanding the impacts of our Company on customers and the market is paramount for the creation of long-term value. Moreover, we think that knowing what the most important issues for our stakeholders are is key to the optimal management of the service that FCA Bank provides every day to customers.


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