“Sharing the future” FCA Bank launches its first workshop for students

FCA Bank launched “Sharing the future”, its first workshop devoted to the students of the School of Management and Economics of the University of Turin.

The workshop was attended by 30 students, selected from among the large number of candidates enrolled in the Master Degree program, who wanted to test their abilities in a corporate context with an international reach. The workshop was conceived and designed as an opportunity for the company and students who are about to begin their career to exchange ideas and plans as well as to allow the students to participate in the discussion of a business case based on real and innovative projects. The opening of the workshop was attended by Giacomo Carelli, CEO and General Manager of FCA Bank, Giulio Viale, Country Manager FCA Bank Italia, and Andrea Barcio, Head of Human Resources FCA Bank, who inaugurated the day and presented the company to the students.

The students began the workshop stimulated and engaged by the challenge presented by three managers of FCA Bank Italia, who also attended the event: Paolo Manfreddi, Sales & Marketing Manager, Massimo Petris, New Banking Products Manager and Aldo Milano, Customer Care Manager.

The challenge was built around the themes of customer experience, ebanking and digital mobility.
The students’ objective was to develop innovative solutions through Design Thinking, a creative problem solving methodology. At the end of the day, the students presented their ideas to the jury, made up of FCA Bank Headquarter management, who interacted and encouraged discussion during the presentation of ideas.
The workshop was set up in cooperation with Professor Paola De Vincentiis, full professor at the School of Management and Economics of the University of Turin and Chair of the Master program in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, and a member of the Board of Directors of FCA Bank.
The initiative is part of a broader Employer Branding strategy, whereby FCA Bank intends to engage students through interactive corporate processes and tools. Furthermore, FCA Bank continues to take part in more traditional events, such as frontal lectures in Universities and participation in Career Days in the various Universities throughout Italy and Europe.


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