Support to the sales of our partner brands

FCA Bank’s effort goes well beyond the development of optimal and innovative financial solutions to help customers to purchase a vehicle. Our Bank supports the sales of the FCA, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar Land Rover, Dodge and Ram brands, through over 2,500 dealers in Europe.

Dealer Financing is designed to provide financial support to sales. This is a strategic role that firmed up in 2019 on behalf of both our manufacturing partners and, especially, dealers located throughout Europe and in Morocco.

Electrification is key to the evolution of the automotive sector and, to that end, FCA Bank is ready to work closely with its partners through this transition. In addition to the provision of finance, starting from spring, specific lines of credit were activated to fund investment in electrification and new mobility.
We support projects related to the upgrade of the Corporate Identity for electric vehicles as well as the purchase of equipment that can be used in charging, plug-in stations, and after sales.

For FCA Bank, 2018 was a record year, with a portfolio of over €8 billion. This record will be beaten in 2019 and the results of the first half are confirmation of that.

The focus on profitability and risk management has been constantly high, as attested by the levels of excellence achieved in those areas.


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