Take care of the asset's growth of FCA Bank Group in a moving environment

Lending is our main source of creation of assets and value for our activity in car finance, but it involves credit risks.

Therefore, the Credit Department of FCA Bank Group serves the critical role in this paradigm of ensuring a credit worthiness of our clients, thus the ability to repay loans.

The team is up to the challenge to honing in this skill to better evaluate our retail, dealer and rental customers in different markets as the speed at which change take place is accelerating across the board in the car finance industry.

Indeed, behind this two words "car" and "finance", there is our playground currently and for the next years made, on one hand, of electrification, driving autonomous and new mobility customers usages and on the other hand of new banking regulations at local or European level.
Our target is to support the asset's growth of FCA Bank Group in providing safe and efficient lending policies to answer to the mobility needs of our European customers.


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