The evolution of Mobility

Sustainable mobility is one of the hottest topics of 2019. However, it is important to understand exactly what it is and, most of all, who are the key players in this constantly changing landscape.

Car ownership is expected to decline in the near future. In every sector, consumers seem to prefer sharing to owning, with a strong inclination to pay per use.

What does this mean for the automotive sector?
Automobile manufacturers are betting on the largest possible number of transportation models, changing from car makers to new mobility players. FCA Bank Group is a case in point given that - with its financing products and the short-, medium- and long-term rental products by Leasys, the Group’s innovative mobility firm – it is one of the companies that is successfully adapting to the new market conditions.
This has resulted in the growing use of new terms – such as car sharing, car hailing, ride sharing, longterm rental, carpooling, to name but a few - whose meaning may not be clear to consumers.

The expression “Car sharing” is now commonly used and indicates the rental of a car shared with others, by making virtue of necessity in modern cities. Renting cars for a short period of time from companies such as Enjoy, a leader in the Italian market with its red 500 Fiat cars, is simple thanks to an app downloaded on a cell phone. However, car sharing is evolving, with peer-to-peer solutions that make the service competitive. One such solution is U-Go by Leasys, a platform that brings together Leasys or FCA Bank customers, with fully insured vehicles, with users who need a vehicle for short periods of time, providing a service that might be defined the Airbnb of cars.

When car sharing is not enough, customers look for solutions that allow them to use cars every day without purchasing them. Not just private individuals but also professionals and companies are adopting such alternatives as “Leasing”, an effective tool for those who are more interested in using a car than owning it. It is ideal for the self-employed and entrepreneurs, as it makes it possible to use a car freely without tying up capital for a purchase and to plan effectively cash inflows and outflows. The main characteristics of this solution are a low down-payment, variable length and fixed periodic payments.

This is also the rationale of pay per use, a system that is gaining currency in the business community. The purchase of a car with “Pay per use” financing and “Long-term rental” are the perfect solutions for the new mobility environment.

Ownership is temporary, in keeping with consumers’ new preferences, costs are affordable and customers pay just for the effective use of the vehicle. Some of these services are made available by Be Free by Leasys and Buy by the Mile of 500x by FCA Bank.

With Buy by The Mile, when customers purchase a vehicle, they can choose the mileage package that best fits their requirements, paying only for the effective use of the vehicle. In fact, in line with current market trends linked to mobility, today customers expect a closer relationship between cost and effective use. Payment changes on the basis of the selected mileage, with the option at the end of the lease agreement to keep, return or replace the vehicle with a new Fiat.

There is also Be Free, Leasys’s flexible and dynamic long-term rental service, without any down-payment, but with a fixed monthly payment, the main insurance services, assistance and infomobility always included. And in case of changes in mobility requirements or simply a change of mind, the vehicle can be returned without any penalty for early termination.

For those who do not wish to drive but need a ride, solutions include such alternatives as “Ride Hailing” and “Ride Sharing”. Uber is the best known service in terms of transportation of third parties by the owner of a car. This is a typical example of ride hailing as opposed to ride sharing, that is the joint use of a regulated taxi, a service available in Italy through the Wetaxi platform.

We have identified some of the services provided in the new sustainable mobility landscape that can help us live a driving or transportation experience in keeping with the times.


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