The future is digital: FCA Bank and the Customer Experience

The automotive sector has been facing deep changes in recent years.

Digitalization, new regulations and most importantly the advanced needs of customers are shaking the OEM business model from its foundations and are driving global players to revise their retail processes.

In order to keep competing in the current environment, a Multi- Channel approach is no longer sufficient: it is necessary to develop an Omni-Channel strategy, enabling the customer to access different contents (such as car, financing, insurance and mobility services), with the same ease of use and Brand Experience, no matter what channel he uses. FCA Bank is driving this transition, offering the Brands the fundamental tools to place themselves among the most innovative and cutting-edge OEMs in Customer Experience management. While looking for a vehicle, potential customers spend up to 10 hours searching online to collect information.

The offer of FCA Bank, for a long time part of the Brands’ websites, is now even more effective thanks to the complete integration in the Car Configurators: the financial instalment is always visible next to the price of the vehicle while the customer is designing it and it is automatically updated any time the user selects any option.

This is possible thanks to the real-time connection between the OEM systems and FCA Bank’s and to a robust updating and maintenance process that involves FCA Bank people in 12 European markets, ensuring that the financial offers agreed with the Brands are online within a few days.
The End of Contract management is based on the same level of system integration: when customers whose contracts are expiring are contacted with dedicated financial offers, promoting their Loyalty to the Brand. Through FCA Bank systems, the financial information of each customer is safely stored, while the link with the Brands’ systems allows the integration of the management of these leads in the process the Dealer uses to contact customers.
The integration does not stop here: Dealer websites, certified used portals, “around the car” configuration on tablet, are just some of the examples of the environments in which FCA Bank is developing innovative tools to enhance the customer Brand Experience in finding the financial solutions most suited to their own needs. The Digital “Revolution” is happening and FCA Bank is searching and providing flexible and cutting-edge solutions to lead this revolution.


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