The innovative ICT solutions of FCA Bank to boost efficiency

Following its conversion into a bona fide banking institution in 2015, FCA Bank has chosen a challenging attitude by adopting an all-digital approach.

IT systems are one of the most important assets for any bank and for stakeholders having the information they need whenever and wherever they are, is a factor capable of generating added value more than any other, offering the possibility of making well-informed decisions quickly.

For this reason, short-term solutions are not enough. Companies seeking strong digital performance must necessarily transform their Information & Communication Technology functions.

FCA Bank has activated a medium-to-long term plan with the goal of establishing a position in step with most recent digital news and the most innovative ICT solutions, in continual improvement perspective for end customers.

In the strategic ICT solution implement plan, FCA Bank has launched an initiative to develop a state-of-the-art integrated platform named CRFS (Common Retail Financing System) to manage the retail financing and leasing business, which is already available in Germany and Austria.
The current project will include completing the platform with Point Of Sale, Underwriting and Data Warehouse components. These are front-end solutions for dealers and back-end solutions for validating and activating financing contracts. The delivery plan for Poland was finished in May 2018 with France scheduled for January 2019. The main beneficiaries will be Dealers and FCA Bank structures because they will have a tool which is easy to use and capable of providing integrated information allowing them to optimise the creation, approval and management process of financing contracts as a consequence. It will imply major improvements in the service offered to end customers.
Similar objectives and benefits will be achieved by implementing the Miles platform in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Miles will be able to manage financing retail operations on both markets and rental operations in the Netherlands only. The project has been recently delivered and the electronic signature process will be integrated by the end of the year.
The Belgian project also includes starting up the first SAP S/4 Hana implementation (the innovative SAP platform) for FCA Bank, for accounting and controlling processes of the branch in addition to integration with Miles.
nother key innovation approved in July 2018 has the potential to revolutionise and improve life in the company. FCA Bank launched an automation journey, the so called RPA (Robotic Process Automation), for some activities performed manually, such as integrating data from different systems and sources, with the goal of avoiding the need for employees to perform repetitive activities with low added value.
The project is part of a wider initiative currently in progress in FCA Group and in CACF and which will provide relevant benefits, such as:
- Risk reduction, by improving control and tracking of performed activities.
- More personnel satisfaction – by reducing repeating activities, people will be able to focus on work of higher cognitive and intellectual value.
- Process costs reduction and productivity increase.
The innovative ICT solutions of FCA Bank will increasingly allow to support digital transformation and boost efficiency in the company.


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