The new Common Retail Financing System management platform

In the past few years, FCA Bank developed an innovative management platform which improves, and will improve, the performance of all our companies throughout Europe.

The development of a new management platform began in 2012, with a two-year plan devoted to the German and Austria markets. The first version of the project was completed in 2014, thanks to a major effort by FCA Bank Deutschland and Austria.

In 2016 the second phase began, with France and Poland carrying the torch. The resources deployed by FCA Capital France and FCA Bank Polska, under HQ’s stewardship, did an excellent job and completed successfully this phase. On 14 January 2019, the new CRFS platform was released in the French market and the first contract was created.

The CRFS is an end-to-end management and accounting system that covers FCA Bank’s retail financing business (both loans and leases), starting with the input of a proposal by a dealer, continuing with the credit evaluation and ending with the management of the entire lifecycle of the contract.

The system is equipped with a front-end, with an ergonomic user interface studied for the dealers’ requirements and usable also on a mobile device. In addition, it has a backend that is both standard and modular, which makes it possible to support promptly all business changes.
The CRFS platform consists of SAP modules and customized components developed directly by FCA Bank. The new system is a strategic asset that allows the company to provide cutting-edge and prompt service.
The Common Retail Financing System is currently active in four FCA Bank markets: Austria, Germany, Poland and France and is expected to be extended to other markets in which the Bank operates in the next two years.


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