Two-wheel electric mobility: FCA Bank and Vmoto Soco sign new partnership

The agreement - effective in Italy and, soon, in other countries - covers all models of Vmoto: from the TS Street Hunter to the TC Wanderer, and the CUmini, CUx, and CPx scooters.

The Bank will provide its financial solutions to dealers and end customers of the brand, which specializes in two-wheeled urban green mobility.

Two-wheeled mobility rides towards innovation and sustainability with FCA Bank. The Bank further extends the reach of its services by entering into a new partnership with Vmoto Soco, one of the most innovative brands in the electric moped and motorcycle sector, with a well-established presence in 62 countries worldwide.

Thanks to this agreement - effective in Italy and soon to be extended to other countries - FCA Bank will provide Vmoto Soco's dealer network and end customers with a wide range of innovative and flexible financial solutions. The partnership includes all of the Group's brands, ideal for urban and sustainable mobility.

Company products range from scooters, in both CUmini and long range CUx versions, to the TC Wanderer and TS Street Hunter e-motorbikes, which are light and nimble, able to handle heavy traffic and rough road surfaces with ease. The partnership also covers the company's latest innovation, the high-performance CPx electric scooter which, with its 137-km range, is evocative of out-of-town trips.

The partnership, which was signed at EICMA, stems from the vision of the future shared by FCA Bank and Vmoto Soco, both of which are committed to promoting a new paradigm of urban mobility that is cutting-edge and environmentally friendly. For the Bank, it also constitutes a further step ahead on its evolutionary path, with the aim of extending and solidifying its presence in the world of two-wheelers.