We have been moving Italians since 1925 and will continue to move projects throughout Europe

On 25 April 1925 - in the very days that saw the unveiling of the Fiat 509 at the Car Show in Milan - SAVA, Società Anonima Vendita Auto, was established.

This finance companies was created by FIAT to make the purchase of a car easier and accessible. The Fiat 509, the first small car mass-produced in the Lingotto plants, was also the first car to be sold with our instalment loans.

Since then we have been helping buyers of the Group’s cars and the dealer network with financing solutions that have been keeping pace with the evolution of the automotive sector, in its role as a key development factor for the Italian economy as a whole.

We were around in 1957, when the FIAT 500 was introduced during the economic boom years. And we are around now,
when the electric FIAT 500 is ready to be launched.

That’s how we became the finance company of reference in Italy and Europe for such brands as Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar and Land Rover and have entered into partnerships with Aston Martin Lagonda, Morgan Motors and Harley Davidson.
Today we are a Bank with operations in the main European countries and drive also the projects, the purchases and the savings of our customers with full and innovative banking products such as the Credit Card, Personal Loans and Conto Deposito.

As we kook to the future, we support every day the growth of a more sustainable mobility, with the Be-Hybrid by FCA Bank financing offering through which we are creating a forest with over 14,000 trees, in cooperation with Treedom, to contribute to offset the CO2 emissions of FCA’s hybrid vehicles. We have been moving Italians for 95 years and today we also move Europe’s projects, wishes and dreams.

We are your Digital Bank. We have been around and will be around even more tomorrow, when the emergency is over, so that we can get moving again together.


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